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Owen R. Black and Audrey Black serve as Pastors of Canaan Inheritance Worship Center in Gardena, CA. They have been married for 30 years and have 7 children and 6 grandchildren. Their mission is to do the will of the Lord by fully empowering and connecting a people of purpose in order to produce together as one.


They are one of the most requested Marriage Counselors in Southern California.  They also oversee a weekly prayer group with members throughout the United States. Their ministry through Canaan Inheritance Worship Center is creating an environment that discovers and progresses a nation intended by God while supplying tools and information that assist in developing people who are whole, healthy and balanced in every aspect of their lives.


Pastor Owen R. Black speaks straight truth through love. He creates an environment in which people can come to be with God and He with them as they fellowship with one another while discovering their gifts and developing their talents to help better plan for their lives. His charge is to lead the Next Generation of Believers into the promises of God by bringing the true power and demonstration of God back to the church. He has been a successful business owner for over 20 years.


Pastor Audrey Black operates in the prophetic gifts and her primary focus is to bring balance to the whole man through the teaching of godly principles to their everyday life. She also preaches deliverance through the power of prayer and the Word of God. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies where she became a Professor, teaching Healing, the Old Testament, and Proverbs. 


Professionally, she works in Customer Service, managing and training the workforce working closely with Human Resources to control the maneuvering of 600-1000 personnel at any given time.

Pastors Owen and Audrey Black ministry provide a safe place for people to be healed, delivered, and trained to move forward in purpose for the Kingdom.

Shauna Lowry
Adrian Clark

Is a husband and a father of three.  He serves as the head deacon of Canaan Inheritance.  His love for the ministry keeps him alert to adjusting any operational needs arriving before time to keeping the house in order and assuring things are running smoothly before ministering begins.  Assuring things are operating properly is what he does spiritually and naturally. Professionally, he works as a Senior Aircraft Mechanic. 

Her wisdom and passion for God makes a powerful pro-claimer of God's word.  She teaches principles from the Bible to all ages.  She is committed to upholding the integrity of the Word of God and is committed to allowing Him to use her to instruct on the power of the blood and prayer. Concerned about the healing of God's people in every aspect. Professionally she works in the healthcare industry. 

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